Life Coaching Services

New Moms

You are on your own unique journey as you enter the realm of motherhood. A journey full of joy and fulfillment, but sometimes fraught with self-doubt and uncertainty. Motherhood is rewarding, but it brings its fair share of challenges. You may need help figuring out who you are now, this new you; mom to this new little person in your life, but still you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone to share this journey with? Someone who will share your joy, celebrate your strengths and victories, and encourage you when you falter?

When we give birth, we gain so much, but we sometimes we lose something too. Our independence and freedom, a little bit of our sense of self, perhaps our confidence about what each new day will bring. Wouldn’t you like to get it back? How would it be to see yourself in a new light? The challenges you face present a wonderful opportunity to cultivate your inner resources of strength, faith, and patience. By partnering with a coach, you are supported as you embrace these changes in your life, encouraged as you navigate the bumps in the road, and celebrated as you discover your power and potential.

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